JACK McGUIGAN is the writer of the Dog Walker novels and Agents of Paradox, a comic book. He has a hard time imagining a situation where you would make to this About page without knowing that, which says a lot about the level of creativity present in those books.

“Gorilla House” is his DBA. “The Primate Post” is this newsletter.

What does he want?

[Gonna switch to first-person, hang on.] I’m writing novels pretty exclusively these days, which is a thing I chose to do, but it can be pretty isolating. I need a way to keep in touch with The Internet while I do that, and an excuse to write literally anything besides books so that I can procrastinate productively. Social media’s not really fun anymore, right? Everyone’s miserable over there. How about this? We could try this.

What do I get?

Writing updates, news about upcoming books, *exclusive* deals on current books, essays and reviews of other peoples’ stuff. Audience questions. Little web comics. It’ll be worth looking at.

How often?

Bi-weekly at most? More likely once a month. I won’t bug you if I’ve got nothing to say.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or @ me on Twitter. I’m around.


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