PP #3: Back in the Swing of Things

I should probably remind you who I am.

Hey, this is Jack McGuigan, writer of the Dog Walker novels and Agents of Paradox, a comic book. At some point between 2019 and now, you signed up for my newsletter. This is that. It’s the third one!

Or maybe you got here from Google or something, in which case you should really sign up so you don’t miss these. They’re pretty rare.

One email per year, huh?

Yeah look, I don’t want to dwell on it, but human civilization collapsed for a while and also my wife had a baby. Time has been limited. Some people spend their global pandemics sitting alone in their apartment, cranking out an artistic masterpiece, while others have twenty minutes to type this in the Mariano’s parking lot because their baby only naps in the car. Life, these days, is what happens between parking lots.

Anyway, I’m not gonna bug you guys unless I have book news.

You have book news?

I have book news!

The first draft of DOG WALKER III: WEDDING SIEGE is done. I wrote it in fits and starts over a long period, so it’s gonna need a lot of rewriting before it’s, uh, “funny” or “coherent” or “not personally insulting to the reader”. It seems like the thing to do is step away from it for a while and cleanse the pallet before I get back into it. So, I started writing the first draft of [TITLE REDACTED] to clear my head, and then I’ll rewrite DWIII with fresh eyes in early 2022. Should have it out next summer!

The third book, and the long gap of time before it comes out, seems like a good excuse to revitalize the brand a bit, so we’ve got new covers for the first two books with art by the great Ross Hayes:

Dog Walker on Kindle

Dog Walker II on Kindle

Lord Almighty, look at those. If you already have the kindle editions, but you want the new covers (and title pages!), they won’t refresh automatically. You have to contact Amazon support and ask them to update it for you. That’s what I had to do, anyway.

For those of you who prefer physical media, we’ve also got fancy new HARDCOVER EDITIONS available with the new covers:

Dog Walker Hardcover

Dog Walker II Hardcover

They’re a little pricier than the paperbacks, but they’re big and sturdy, like an old oak tree. Two old oak trees. An oak tree and its sequel. How do jokes work? I’ve barely left my house in a year and a half and I only talk to babies.

This new book I’m writing involves a lot of prep work and worldbuilding — I’m drawing maps! — so I’m going to try and stay off the Twitter and stuff. I should focus here. If you need anything, email me and I’ll get back to you pretty quick.

And I just want to say before I go: this mailing list isn’t huge, but it is 99% people I don’t know in real life. There’s a whole group of strangers out there who want to hear about my dumb spooky dog books, and I want you to know that I really do appreciate it. It means the world to me. I will try and make it worth the wait.

See you in a year!


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